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Florida Optometric Association members

Protect yourself with Professional Liability Insurance

As a highly trained optometrist, you take care in your practice and strive to manage the risk to your patients. Unfortunately, you can still have a malpractice claim filed against you.

Professional Liability Insurance from the AOA Insurance Alliance, administered by Lockton Affinity, helps with the cost, lost work and stress of defending yourself in a lawsuit.

Two policy types to ensure the right protection

We offer claims-made and occurrence-based Professional Liability policies to ensure your practice is covered, regardless of the policy type you have now.

Occurence policies

  • The recommended policy for new FOA members.
  • Occurence policies protect you from a covered incident even if a claim is made after the policy expires.


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Claims-made policies

  • This policy is offered for FOA members who currently have a claims-made policy.
  • Claims-made policies require claims to be filed during the effective dates of the policy.
  • We offer a simplified transition process by providing a retroactive date and short application.
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Coverage details

Should you ever face a malpractice claim, our policy provides:

A Broad Range of Services

Optometric services you provide within Florida’s defined scope of practice are covered.

Defense Services

We will provide the services of an experienced malpractice attorney in the event of a lawsuit.

Administrative Defense

The policy covers review, billing, errors and omissions, defense for HIPAA claims and allegations of sexual misconduct.

Lost Income Coverage

Receive up to $500 per day due to suspension of practice during a hearing or trial.


Your full or part-time employees are covered for their work.

A Substitute Optometrist

We will provide a substitute optometrist to care for your patients in your absence.

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Additional Professional Liability coverage is available for your legal entity (corporation, partnership, professional association, etc.) at no extra charge.

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