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Current customer questions

Most policyholders will receive email communication with a renewal link 45 days prior to their renewal. You can also log in here with your policy number to get started with your renewal process.

If you have had a claim or have multiple business entities on the policy, you will receive a manual renewal by email.

There is no need to start a new policy. Simply contact Lockton Affinity at (888) 343-1998 to amend your policy. If there is a state change, we will give further instructions.
If you need to update your coverage or limits, make name or address changes, or add a new doctor, contact Lockton Affinity at (888) 343-1998 or
Complete this form and we’ll send your certificate within two business days.
Log in with your account number to view your invoice and pay your bill.
Contact Lockton Affinity at (888) 343-1998 as soon as possible. We’ll work with you to obtain the necessary information and get the claims process started.
Our policy is occurrence-based and does not require tail coverage. Occurrence policies provide coverage for any event that took place while the policy is in effect, even if it is no longer active when the claim is made. Occurrence policies often provide extended value to policyholders.

Prospective customer questions

We offer two discounts for our Malpractice coverage. Recent graduates receive 50% off the standard premium rate for their first year of practice and 25% off for their second year of practice. We also offer discounts if you elect to purchase a group policy. If you have had a claim or have multiple business entities on the policy, you will receive a manual renewal by email.
There are benefits to having a group policy, such as additional premium discounts. A group policy can also make bookkeeping for your business easier. Speak to a representative to see if this option is right for your business.
If you own the business, we recommend you purchase a Business Owner’s Policy, which includes Business Personal Property, General Liability and Business Interruption.

If you are subleasing, your employer may require that you add General Liability. In this case we can add General Liability coverage to your Malpractice policy. Contact us for assistance.

If you are an employee, your employer should have General Liability, which will cover you. Check with your employer to be sure.

Your policy can be effective as early as the next day. Once you fill out the application and make payment online, you will receive policy documents via email within an hour.
You can add an additional insured to the application if you have added General Liability. If you need to add an additional insured to a Malpractice policy, please contact us, as we will have to make this change separate from the initial online application.
Yes, please enter 111111 and let us know the correct number once received. You will not be covered until the license is received.
The Patient Compensation Fund is in place in certain states, including Indiana and Louisiana. Participation in the Fund is optional but may be required by certain insurance companies. If you participate, you can purchase a lower limit through Lockton Affinity and then purchase the Fund through a surcharge.

Our application will ask you if you would like to participate in the Fund and some additional related questions. If you choose to participate in the fund, you will receive a separate invoice to be paid online.

Malpractice insurance questions

These policies are the same coverage with different names. This coverage may also be referred to as Errors and Omissions or E&O.
Complete our short form to get an estimated annual premium instantly.
This policy covers all optometric services within your state’s defined scope of practice. Plus, the policy is structured so as your state evolves its scope of coverage, there is no waiting period to be covered under your policy.
Services rendered for participation in telemedicine are covered if they fall within the scope of practice as defined by your State Board of Medicine. We recommend you check with your State Board before practicing telemedicine.
Malpractice coverage follows you wherever you work, so there is no need to have a separate policy.
We recommend insuring your legal entity in case it is named in a lawsuit. A Business Owner’s Policy typically includes Property and General Liability but does not include Malpractice.
We can help you secure coverage but you must complete a manual application. Contact us to get started.

If you have had a claim in the last five years, we will have underwriting review your application.

If you work in correctional facilities, we will have you fill out an application with another carrier.

Yes, we would be happy to look at your requirements and set you up to start your new position. Contact us for assistance.
Yes, purchasing an individual policy, such as our Malpractice coverage, would cover you for any side practice. Our policy covers you wherever you practice and allows for moonlighting at several locations. Plus, if the time practiced outside your employer is less than 20 hours a week, you may be eligible for a discount.
To cancel your coverage, contact Lockton Affinity at (888) 343-1998 or You will send you a cancellation form to sign and issue a prorated refund. If you cancel within 60 days of your effective date, a cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel outside the 60-day effective date window, there is no cancellation fee.

We recommend you ask your employer for policy documents and proof of coverage. Be aware of your renewal date and ask for new documents at each renewal. Review the policy for medical exclusions and find out what type of policy you have. If you have questions about the offered coverage, we would be happy to review the policy for you.

Cyber Liability questions

As a business owner, you have a responsibility to protect your records and your patient’s personal information. Medical professionals have a higher level of risk due to the personal nature of the types of records kept, such as health records, Social Security numbers, credit card information and more.
Our Cyber Liability policy offers first-party (an employee) and third-party (an outsider/unknown entity) cyber risk coverage.

It also covers:
• Network security, privacy and media liability
• Regulatory liability including CCPA and HIPAA
• Bodily injury and death
• Medical billing errors and omissions
• Data recovery expenses
• Business interruption loss
• Crime and social engineering, extortion and ransomware

You will work directly with Lockton Affinity’s representatives to get a quote and purchase coverage. Contact us to get started.

Business Owner’s Policy questions

If you are the owner of the business, whether you lease or own the space, we recommend protecting your business with a business owner’s policy. The policy includes three important coverages in one—General Liability, Business Interruption and Property.

If you have had a claim or have multiple business entities on the policy, you will receive a manual renewal by email.

We partner with The Hartford to provide you with an affordable and comprehensive Business Owner’s Policy. Request a quote from the Hartford today. Once you receive your quote, you’ll work with them directly to purchase this coverage.
Yes, this would be coverage in case the place of business is damaged due to fire, break-in or other event that disrupts your business operations.
A loss payee is when a bank or finance company requires proof that the financed equipment is insured through a Property or Business Owner’s Policy. Often, they will want to be listed on the policy. Contact us today to add them to your BOP coverage.

Employment Practices Liability questions

Employment Practices Liability insurance (EPLI) protects you from claims that may be made against you as an employer by an employee. Malpractice coverage protects you from claims that are made by patients for alleged medical malpractice.
EPLI covers several types of employment-related claims, including discrimination, sexual harassment, invasion of privacy, wage and hour law violations, wrongful termination, breach of contract and more.
You will work directly with Lockton Affinity’s representatives to get a quote and purchase coverage. Contact us to get started.
If your Business Owner’s Policy includes Employment Practices coverage, we encourage you to review the applicable limit of coverage to ensure it is adequate. A stand-alone policy can offer several options from $500,000 to $5,000,000.