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What are the benefits of this program?

There are many advantages to choosing this program!

  1. The program provides easy access to General Liability insurance at a competitive cost.
  2. It allows coverage flexibility for doctors who practice in group settings.

What’s the difference between shared limit and separate limit for Professional Liability coverage?

Shared limit means that you and your corporation share your limits of liability, so whatever your limit is per occurrence, you and the corporation would both draw from that amount. This can be done at no extra charge. Separate limit means that your corporation has an additional limit of liability, the same amount as yours but separate. This option increases your premium amount.

What limits of liability should I purchase?

For maximum protection, you should purchase the highest limits you can afford. Limits of liability are stated as two dollar figures, representing two levels of protection:

  1. The first figure represents the maximum dollar amount the insurance company will pay per claim during the policy year.
  2. The second figure represents the maximum dollar amount the insurance company will pay for all claims during the policy year.

Are there discounts available for recent graduates?

Yes! If you are in your first year of practice, you can purchase the same Professional Liability coverage we offer practicing OD’s, but you receive a 50% discount on your premium. And in your second year of practice, you can continue to get the same comprehensive coverage and get a 25% discount on your annual premium. Learn more here.

Why do I need Professional Liability Insurance?

Simply put, this insurance protects you in the event a lawsuit is brought against you for negligent practices. More importantly, it’s the law; all practicing OD’s must carry this type of policy.

Do I need a Cyber Liability policy?

If you are responsible for any patient data – from date of birth and credit card information, to sensitive medical information, a Cyber Liability policy can help protect you from the burdensome costs of a data breach. Pricing for a Cyber Liability policy is exceedingly affordable, and offers some of the strongest coverage available. Cyber Liability Insurance

How do I purchase this insurance?

You can apply for and purchase Professional Liability Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance conveniently online.

To get a quote and apply for a Business Owners Policy, give us a call at 888.343.1998.

I need to show proof of insurance. Where do I find a copy of my policy?

Your certificate/proof of insurance is located in the policy packet that was emailed to you after you purchased your insurance. If for any reason you cannot find your policy packet, you may contact us by calling 888.343.1998 or email us at [email protected]. One of our client solutions representatives will be happy to assist you.

How soon will my coverage begin?

When you purchase Professional Liability or Cyber Liability Insurance online, it can take effect as early as the day following your transaction date. So for example, if you purchased the insurance online on July 1, you can choose to make your coverage effective July 2.

How do I file a claim?

If you are a current policyholder, simply fill out the contact form.

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