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AOA professional liability insurance for optometrists


Protect your career and livelihood from the threat of lawsuits and claims.

AOA cyber liability insurance for optometrists


Covers the high notification and recovery costs of a patient records breach.

AOA business owners insurance for optometry practices


Insure your practice, office and equipment against anything that may happen.


See what sets our Professional Liability Insurance apart


Covers a broad range of
optometric services you provide

Safety Net

Protection and defense from claims,
lawsuits and license challenges


Underwritten by carriers rated
A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best


This is your policy and it will
follow you wherever you practice

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for recent optometry graduates

Graduates and newly practicing optometrists receive steep discounts on their first two years of Professional Liability Insurance from Lockton Affinity. It’s just one of the ways the AOA supports you as you begin your optometric practice.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Someone steals sensitive patient information from your office computer system. You accidentally leave your laptop containing saved logins for your office network in a cab.

Data breaches can happen in a variety of ways, but the legal and regulatory costs can be extremely damaging to your business.

AOA Cyber Liability Insurance protects you from those expenses.

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Real Customer Feedback

  • "Customer service has been great. Phone inquiries have been handled extremely well."
    ~ Ann, MD

  • "Easy to navigate. Quote was quick and was able to sign up easily."
    ~ Katherine, CA

  • "I found setting up & renewing the policy much, much easier than with other sources. And I am grateful!"
    ~ Michelle, MT

  • "It was easy to navigate through the renewal process."
    ~ Susan, AR

  • "I appreciate the insurance discount for beginning practitioners."
    ~ Carrie, TN

  • "Had old carrier and had to fill out form and send in for a quote. That was new. Never got quote. Got online with AOA and had it done in a few minutes. [A Competitor] had my plan for years but lost my business."
    ~ Krista, AL

  • "Very easy to follow the steps for renewal. I didn’t have any problems with the website."
    ~ Wendi, NE

  • "It was very helpful to be able to call and talk to a person, when I did have a question. Excellent service!"
    ~ Rachel, NY

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Professional Liability Insurance

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Cyber Liability Insurance

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Business Owners Insurance

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Discounts First year of practice: 50%
Second year of practice: 25%
Limits $1,000,000 per event/

$3,000,000 total;

$2,000,0000 per event/

$4,000,000 total

$100,000, $250,000,

$500,000 and $1,000,000

Billing Errors
Business errors & omissions (E&O)
Malpractice claims
Faults in professional work
Add additional employees, including both full-time and part-time
Provides experienced malpractice attorney services  
Covers legal defense cost  
Covers loss of income  
Can cover corporation, partnership, professional association or legal entities at no charge
Automatically updates when your state’s scope of practice laws change
Expenses related to responding to a major privacy event
Expense of notifying all parties affected  
Cost of ongoing credit monitoring  
Outside investigative costs  
Your building, furnishings & equipment  
Property damage & damage to the property of others  
Fire & theft
Events that disrupt your business
Bodily injury
Computer hardware theft
Patient files theft
Live U.S. based support text-iconemail-icon  text-iconemail-icon text-iconemail-icon
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Essential Coverage!

Professional Liability Insurance

50% 1st year of practice
25% 2nd year of practice
$1M per event/$3M total
$2M per event/$4M total
Billing errors
Errors & omissions
Faults in professional work
Additional employees
Legal defense costs
Settlements, judgments or regulatory fines
Loss of income

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Cyber Liability Insurance

$100k, $250k, $500k and $1M
Legal defense costs
Settlements, judgments or regulatory fines
Major privacy event response expenses
Expense of notifying all parties
Ongoing credit monitoring
Outside investigation costs

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Business Owners Insurance

Your building, furnishings & equipment
Property damage
Damage to property of others
Fire & theft
Events that disrupt business operations
Bodily injury
Computer hardware theft
Patient files theft
Legal defense
Settlements, judgments or regulatory fines

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