Cyber data breaches of information, a relatively new phenomenon, are in many ways uncharted territory, with healthcare providers a frequent target.

Many optometrists feel they are “too small” for a cyber attack of any kind, falsely thinking because they are not a big box store or national brand that no one would bother with their practice but “the IDC’s Health Insights group predicts that 1 in 3 health care recipients will be the victim of a health care data breach in 2016.*

Which is why you need to protect your practice and yourself.

Not only are cyber compromises of patient data against physicians and providers happening more often, the fines for violating HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) are climbing – into the millions of dollars!

HIPAA requires providers to safeguard patient information and verify the identity of the person requesting information. Further, practices must notify patients when a breach of health records has occurred.

It doesn’t take much to compromise a patient’s health records.

A wrong email address. A misspelled name. Even an innocent text between staff members about a patient’s test results or prognosis can send personal health records into the cyber sphere – possibly into the hands of someone who will misuse the information.

The compromised patient now has grounds to make a cyber liability claim.

Keep in mind that HIPAA was created to protect patients, not healthcare providers. And although the regulations offer guidance about securing patient information, physicians, practices and hospitals can still be sued.

Cyber Liability Insurance: A Must In The Cyber Age

Cyber Liability Insurance from Lockton Affinity is your best protection if a patient’s records are breached or leaked.

With Cyber Liability Insurance, you’re covered for the high costs associated with theft or breach of patient data, including:

  • A hacker or virus that affects your computers or network
  • Loss or theft of a computer or other device containing records or passwords
  • Paper files that are stolen, mishandled or disposed of improperly

There are even notification services to assist you with legal requirements – filings that can cost up to $30 per affected record – as well as services that guide you on how to respond to an incident and investigate the cause.