While the transition to a group practice is an exciting opportunity for doctors of optometry, it is important to understand the risks associated with malpractice insurance coverage for group practices.

Risks of maintaining separate malpractice insurance

Doctors of optometry know that malpractice insurance is required in order to practice. However, if you allow each doctor in your group practice to select their own coverage, there are risks that could impact your growing practice:

  • Optometrists in the practice could let their coverage lapse
  • Optometrists in the practice could be underinsured

Along with doctors, office and support staff can create risks as well. They may be underinsured or lack coverage altogether.

To combat these and other risks, Lockton Affinity, the preferred insurance partner of the AOA, offers Group Malpractice insurance for AOA members.

Group malpractice insurance benefits

If you are part of a group practice, or are considering growing your current practice, consider consolidating your group’s malpractice coverage into one AOA-endorsed policy.

Not only do you get consistent coverage for yourself, your practice and your partners, you may receive more competitive premiums for your entire group.

Lockton Affinity’s group malpractice insurance benefits include:

  • Single policy protection—Covers providers and the practice under one policy
  • Practice coverage—Protects the business’s assets separately from the doctors’
  • No coverage lapses—Eliminates individual risk of an associate’s outdated coverage
  • Covers disciplinary negligence—Protects for alleged failure to discipline or terminate a negligent partner
  • Consistent coverage across group—Minimizes the risk of an underinsured partner
  • Employee coverage benefit—Protects office and support staff
  • Simplified billing—Consolidates bills in one annual statement
  • Group discounts—Offers eligibility for potential group premium discounts. Get additional premium discounts when hiring ODs who are in their first and second year of practice.


Group malpractice insurance from Lockton Affinity

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