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Reducing Employment Practices Claims

5 Tips to Improve Hiring Practices for Optometric Support Staff to Reduce Employment Practices Claims Hiring and retaining quality optometric support staff can be a challenge. Candidate pools may be limited, recruiting resources may be low and finding the time for the hiring process is tricky. A competitive job market can make things even harder, [...]

Preventing Employment Practice Liability Claims

The hiring and firing process is full of risk for employers, including optometrists. Every year, workers file thousands of employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) claims against their workplaces. EPLI claims can come from a current employee, former employee or even a prospective employee, making a range of allegations, including: Discrimination Sexual harassment Invasion of privacy [...]

Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Optometrists

As an employer, your optometry practice faces the risk of one day being sued by a current or former employee. Your Professional Liability policy protects your practice from patient claims, but not from other claims made by employees. To fully protect your practice from this risk, consider adding Employment Practices Liability Insurance.   What Is [...]

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