As an employer, your optometry practice faces the risk of one day being sued by a current or former employee. Your Professional Liability policy protects your practice from patient claims, but not from other claims made by employees. To fully protect your practice from this risk, consider adding Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

What Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) protects you from claims that may be made against you as an employer. EPLI can cover the costs stemming from claims associated with the employment process. These claims can arise when a potential, current or former employee believes they have been mistreated. If an employee makes a claim against your practice, you could face legal fees, court costs, judgements or settlements without the proper protection.

What Does EPLI Cover?

EPLI can cover the costs associated with claims made against you as an employer. This includes the cost of fighting employee allegations in court, regardless of the outcome, as well as judgements or settlements that may result. EPLI can also provide coverage from claims arising from a third party.

The protection afforded by EPL coverage goes beyond common claims for wrongful termination. EPL Insurance can protect you and your practice from a wide range of employment-related claims, including:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Wage and hour law
  • Discrimination (age, gender, race, religion, etc.)
  • Breach of contract and more


Do I Need EPL Coverage?

In some cases, insurance is required for optometrists, such as your Professional Liability coverage. Yet even when not required by law, the proper insurance coverage can be just as critical for protecting your practice.

Though it’s not legally required for companies to have Employment Practices Liability Insurance, any optometry practice with employees is at risk for a potential employment practices claim. It’s smart to protect the practice you’ve worked so hard to build.

For small- or medium-sized businesses, EPL coverage is even more important. The costs associated with fighting a claim in court can be substantial. Even if you win, employment practices claims can be detrimental to your budget, not to mention your professional reputation.

With EPLI from Lockton Affinity, you and your practice are protected from employment practices claims. You’ll be covered in the event a potential, current or former employee files a claim against you or your practice. Protect your practice with EPL coverage from Lockton Affinity today.