More than a decade ago, AOA selected Lockton Affinity to build an insurance program that offers coverage, like malpractice insurance for AOA members, from top-rated insurance companies.

From the very beginning, the program was developed with hands-on involvement by doctors of optometry to ensure the program and its coverage is tailored for ODs and their practices. Plus, there are a multitude of benefits ODs need that can be difficult to find elsewhere.

Malpractice Insurance Benefits for AOA Members

Lockton Affinity’s malpractice insurance is truly designed to offer the most coverage and convenience for ODs. Consider these benefits:

Broad coverage

This policy includes:

  • Coverage for the cost of certain legal fees, judgments or settlements resulting from claims and litigation brought against you for the services you provide
  • Review and billing errors and omissions
  • Defense for HIPAA claims
  • Up to $500 per day due to suspension of practice during a hearing or trial
  • Portable coverage that follows you wherever you practice

Guaranteed scope of practice coverage

Lockton Affinity’s Malpractice policy utilizes specific language to help ensure you’re always covered under your state’s scope of practice. Even as scope of practice in a state evolves, our policy contains wording which does not require the policy to be amended if a state updates part of their scope of practice.

It’s important to note that this may not be true for other insurers. Some other insurance policies do not contain this broad language, which can cause ambiguity over what services are or are not covered.

For example, if your state adds a service to its approved scope of practice, you can begin providing the service. But you do not want to provide this service without knowing if it is covered under your insurance policy. With Lockton Affinity’s Malpractice policy, you have peace of mind knowing that you are always covered under your state’s scope of practice, no matter when or how it changes.

Group policies

If you are part of a group practice, or are considering joining one, Lockton Affinity offers a group Malpractice policy. Not only do you get consistent coverage for yourself, your practice and your partners, you could get more affordable premiums for your whole group.

Discounts for recent graduates

Graduates and newly practicing optometrists receive steep discounts on their first two years of Malpractice insurance from Lockton Affinity. First-year optometrists receive 50% off their policy, while second-year optometrists receive 25% off.

It’s just one of the ways Lockton Affinity and the AOA support you as you begin your optometric practice.

Customer service

Lockton Affinity’s team is trained to understand your risks and needs, so if you have a specific coverage question, you’ll talk with a team member who can help. Plus, we make it easy to obtain certificates of insurance, renew your policy and more.

Risk aversion tools

We strive to help reduce the risks you face day to day. We provide newsletters and emails with risk reduction tips, blog articles and more. And we continue to work with the AOA directly, so we know how the industry is changing and can help protect AOA members.

Easy quoting and applications

Answer six basic questions to get a quote on coverage for you and your practice. If you’re ready to buy, complete the convenient online application in no time.

Get a Quote on Malpractice Insurance for AOA Members

With these benefits, there’s no reason to shop around. In fact, most local agents do not have access to this coverage or understand exactly what coverage optometrists need. But as an AOA member, you can take full advantage of these benefits through Lockton Affinity.

Get a quote in seconds on Malpractice insurance from Lockton Affinity today.