It is important to make sure your insurance keeps up with the latest developments in healthcare science, industry and regulation. There are different ways that insurers manage changes to scope of practice. To find out how your Malpractice coverage handles an expanding scope of practice, start by checking the language in your policy.

How Lockton Affinity Covers Scope of Practice

Lockton Affinity’s Malpractice policy utilizes specific language to help ensure you’re always covered under your state’s scope of practice, no matter when or how it changes.

Our policy contains wording which does not require it to be updated if a state updates part of their respective scope of practice. Even as scope of practice in a state evolves, our policy wording does not need to change because of how we word it, so there is no waiting period to be covered under your policy.

However, it’s important to note that this may not be true for other insurers. Some other insurer policies do not contain this broad language, which can cause ambiguity over what services are or are not covered.

How to Get Your Questions Answered

If you’re not sure what services are covered under your insurance policy, the best thing to do is ask. An insurance representative can help explain the terms of your policy and answer specific questions about your optometry practice coverage. If you have questions such as: “Does my malpractice policy have the correct policy wording?” or “What exclusions do I have?” Lockton Affinity can help.

You can also learn more about our Malpractice coverage here, including additional benefits like portability, administrative defense, lost income, employee work, telehealth services and more.

Questions are normal when you’re shopping for insurance, especially when it is for something as important as your optometry career. If you have more questions about Malpractice insurance, email Lockton Affinity at