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An OD-friendly option for Malpractice insurance

Good malpractice coverage can be helpful beyond paying the high cost of legal fees and judgments—it can help protect you and your practice from the stress of handling a claim alone.

Developed with hands-on involvement by doctors of optometry, Malpractice insurance from Lockton Affinity is endorsed by the American Optometric Association and offers a multitude of benefits.

See your Malpractice price in minutes

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Guaranteed scope of practice coverage

  • Scope of practice coverage

    Covers all optometric services within your state’s defined scope of practice. Plus, this policy is structured so that as your state evolves its scope of coverage, there is no waiting period to be covered under your policy.

  • Portability

    Because the policy is tied to you and not your employer, this policy will follow you wherever you practice.

  • Administrative defense

    Covers billing errors and omissions, defense for HIPAA claims and allegations of sexual misconduct.

  • Lost income

    Receive up to $500 per day due to suspension of practice during a hearing or trial.

  • Employee work

    Covers your full or part-time employees for their work.

  • Telehealth services

    Covers telehealth consultations and care via phone and video.

  • Legal entity coverage

    Add coverage for your corporation, partnership, professional association or other legal entity. This additional policy also covers full scope of practice, unlike coverage from other providers.


Malpractice discounts for recent graduates

Your training has prepared you with the most progressive techniques in optometry. Don’t wait until there is an incident to find out you have inadequate coverage.

With AOA-endorsed Malpractice coverage from Lockton Affinity, recent grads receive the same great coverage available to all AOA members but with a favorable discount.

Purchase the coverage you need to fully protect yourself and your career as a doctor of optometry.


Group malpractice coverage

If you are part of a group practice, or are considering joining one, consolidate your group’s malpractice coverage into one AOA-endorsed policy. Not only do you get consistent coverage for yourself, your business and your partners, you may receive more affordable premiums for your group.

Group malpractice coverage benefits:

  • Scope of practice coverage

    Covers providers and the practice under one policy.

  • Practice coverage

    Protects the business’s assets separately from the doctors’.

  • No coverage lapses

    Eliminates individual risk of an associate’s outdated coverage.

  • Consistent coverage across group

    Minimizes the risk of an under-insured partner.

  • Employee coverage benefit

    Protects office and support staff.

  • Simplified billing

    Consolidates bills in one annual statement.

  • Group discounts

    Provides premium discounts when first and second year doctors of optometry are hired.



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