As a combination policy, business owner’s policies (BOPs) often include general liability insurance to protect against third-party claims and property insurance to protect against damage. Most optometric practice owners select a BOP to help combat these risks.

BOPs from the AOA Insurance Alliance includes:

  • Property
  • General liability
  • Business interruption

This coverage can translate into protection for very real claims, such as:

  1. Injuries to third parties. If someone is injured on your business’s property and it results in a claim for personal injury damages, a BOP protects you and covers the costs.
  2. Theft at your facilities. If your office is broken into and supplies and equipment are stolen, a BOP will help replace the stolen property.
  3. Damage to third-party property. If a patient’s property is damaged on your premises, you may be responsible. A BOP can help cover the costs.
  4. Damage to your property. Whether there is a fire, flood or other disaster, a BOP can help with the costs of damage to your building and its contents.
  5. Interruption to your practice. If property damage requires your practice to shut down for an extended period, a BOP can help sustain your practice through the interruption.


BOPs from the AOA Insurance Alliance

With a BOP, you and your practice are protected from the costs and interruptions associated with fires, theft and other hazards, as well as lawsuits and claims due to damages or accidents. A BOP can cover the cost to repair damages to your property and provides protection for legal fees and judgements associated with lawsuits.

BOPs from the AOA Insurance Alliance help protect your investment and safeguard your practice from the risks you face. Get started today.