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How to Improve Cyber Security in Just One Month

Cyber security is important, but for a busy practice like yours, it may be hard to focus on. Perhaps you worry it will take too much time or money, or you feel a topic like cyber security is best left to the experts. But, taking control of your cyber security is easier, cheaper and quicker [...]

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FAQs About Malpractice and Business Owner’s Insurance

Finding the right malpractice insurance is essential for a doctor of optometry’s practice and career. Shopping for the appropriate coverage inevitably leads to many questions. Since factors and circumstances can vary, it’s essential to understand what options are available to make the best decision. Lockton Affinity has worked directly with ODs for over ten years [...]

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5 Claims BOPs Can Help Protect Against

As a combination policy, business owner’s policies (BOPs) often include general liability insurance to protect against third-party claims and property insurance to protect against damage. Most optometric practice owners select a BOP to help combat these risks. BOPs from the AOA Insurance Alliance includes: Property General liability Business interruption This coverage can translate into protection [...]

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Developing a Risk Management Plan at Your Practice

Understanding the risks you face as an optometrist can help you be more prepared when things go wrong. There will always be some risk associated with operating your practice, but with the right steps, you can minimize the likelihood of a serious accident or liability lawsuit and protect the safety of your employees and patients. [...]

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