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Questions About Insurance for Doctors of Optometry

Lockton Affinity partnered with the American Optometric Association more than a decade ago to meet the complex insurance needs of doctors of optometry. Developed with hands-on involvement by ODs, our policies and services meet the many nuances required of ODs and their insurance. Read on to learn more through our frequently asked questions.   Questions [...]

FAQs About Malpractice and Business Owner’s Insurance

Finding the right malpractice insurance is essential for a doctor of optometry’s practice and career. Shopping for the appropriate coverage inevitably leads to many questions. Since factors and circumstances can vary, it’s essential to understand what options are available to make the best decision. Lockton Affinity has worked directly with ODs for over ten years [...]

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5 Claims BOPs Can Help Protect Against

As a combination policy, business owner’s policies (BOPs) often include general liability insurance to protect against third-party claims and property insurance to protect against damage. Most optometric practice owners select a BOP to help combat these risks. BOPs from the AOA Insurance Alliance includes: Property General liability Business interruption This coverage can translate into protection [...]

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Why Optometric Practices Like Yours Need Business Owner’s Insurance

The success of your optometric practice depends on your office and the people who staff it. Imagine the consequences for your practice if there were a serious accident, fire or theft at the office. These disasters can impact your ability to care for patients and run your business. Optometric practices like yours need business owner’s [...]

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Business Owner’s Insurance for Optometrists

If you are the owner of your optometry practice, you face risks to your hard-earned business each and every day. Whether a natural disaster shuts down business for months or disconnected internet service halts operations for a day, business owner’s insurance will keep you protected. While insurance isn’t the most exciting part of owning your [...]

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Natural Disaster Preparation for your Practice

No matter where your practice is located, you are at risk to experience a natural disaster. Luckily you can take measures to prepare your practice whether you’re in Florida worried about hurricanes, California concerned about wildfires or Texas troubled by tornadoes. While you hope a crisis never impacts your practice, a few natural disaster preparation [...]

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The Liability of Not Having the Right Liability

Insurance language can be confusing. And while it’s not meant to cause anxiety and confusion, the terms, definitions and knowing what is actually covered can be frustrating. Let’s start with the basics of Professional Liability and General Liability. General Liability and Malpractice Insurance for Optometrists Malpractice insurance is designed to cover you while you are [...]