Despite how practiced and careful you are, you are still at risk of being sued for the services you provide as an optometrist. From disgruntled clients to a missed diagnosis to an injury during an exam, you never know what will happen. You need the right coverage in place to protect you and your career.

Reasons to have Malpractice Insurance

Malpractice insurance is critical in protecting you and your practice from the cost of certain legal fees, and judgments/settlements that you may face as a result of claims and litigation brought against you based on the advice or services you have provided.

While you hope you never have to report a malpractice claim, sometimes the inevitable happens. In the event a claim should happen,  Lockton Affinity is here to help. We’ll make the claim process as smooth as possible for all of our policy holders. 

Reporting Malpractice Claims

As you report a malpractice claim, the timeline will vary depending on the claim and instance. However, the quicker you provide the required information and documentation, the faster your claim will be settled and you can get back to doing what you love.

  1. Contact your insurance carrier– At the first notice of a claim, lawsuit or potential claim, contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible. They will obtain the necessary information to get your claims process started.
  2. Claims adjustor is assigned – After you have filed a claim and completed all the necessary paperwork, a claims adjustor will be assigned within 1-2 business days. They will review your claim and interview you and any potential witnesses.
  3. Repair/payment issued – After the claims adjustor settles the claim, the appropriate party will receive payments.

Learn more about Malpractice Insurance and the claim process from Lockton Affinity.