Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Optometrists

As an employer, your optometry practice faces the risk of one day being sued by a current or former employee. Your Professional Liability policy protects your practice from patient claims, but not from other claims made by employees. To fully protect your practice from this risk, consider adding Employment Practices Liability Insurance.   What Is [...]

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Malpractice Insurance for Optometrists

Malpractice insurance for optometrists is critical, and in some cases, legally required. For something so important, insurance can be very confusing. What insurance policies do I need professionally? For my business? What are limits of liability? The list can go on and on. At the AOA Insurance Alliance, a program designed for AOA members and [...]

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Business Owner’s Insurance for Optometrists

If you are the owner of your optometry practice, you face risks to your hard-earned business each and every day. Whether a natural disaster shuts down business for months or disconnected internet service halts operations for a day, business owner’s insurance will keep you protected. While insurance isn’t the most exciting part of owning your [...]

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How to Prevent a Cyber-Attack: 5 Tips for Optometrists

As technology use continues to integrate into the daily operations of optometrists, reports of cyber-attacks are growing. Malware, ransomware, phishing and other breaches are becoming common place for small business owners and health care providers. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to protect your business records and your patients’ personal information. Prevent a [...]

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How to Select Insurance Limits as an Optometrist

With insurance limits, retroactive dates, coverage exclusions and more, insurance can be confusing. At the AOA Insurance Alliance administered by Lockton Affinity, we strive to make it as simple as possible. Read on for some basic information about how to select insurance limits.   Understanding Insurance Limits An insurance limit, or limit of liability, is [...]

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Individual Versus Group Malpractice Insurance Policies

As an optometrist, you’ve likely heard about the importance of malpractice insurance. Malpractice insurance from Lockton Affinity is critical to protect yourself and your career. But when do you choose a group policy versus an individual policy? It ultimately depends on your preference and your practice. Read on for information about both types of policies.   [...]

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Reporting Malpractice Claims as an Optometrist

Despite how practiced and careful you are, you are still at risk of being sued for the services you provide as an optometrist. From disgruntled clients to a missed diagnosis to an injury during an exam, you never know what will happen. You need the right coverage in place to protect you and your career. [...]

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The Top 5 Malpractice Claims for Optometrists

Some of the most common claims against optometrists are easily preventable.  Read on to learn to protect your practice from malpractice claims and the risks associated with them. Avoid these Malpractice Claims for Optometrists Unfortunately, every practice is exposed to risk and has the potential of litigation brought against them. Some of the most common [...]

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Natural Disaster Preparation for your Practice

No matter where your practice is located, you are at risk to experience a natural disaster. Luckily you can take measures to prepare your practice whether you’re in Florida worried about hurricanes, California concerned about wildfires or Texas troubled by tornadoes. While you hope a crisis never impacts your practice, a few natural disaster preparation [...]

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The Liability of Not Having the Right Liability

Insurance language can be confusing. And while it’s not meant to cause anxiety and confusion, the terms, definitions and knowing what is actually covered can be frustrating. Let’s start with the basics of Professional Liability and General Liability. General Liability and Malpractice Insurance for Optometrists Malpractice insurance is designed to cover you while you are [...]