Claims-Made Versus Occurrence: Know Your Policy

Insurance can be confusing, but can be broken into two basic categories: claims-made or occurrence policies. It’s important to know which you have and the difference between these policies. Claims-made policies require a claim to be made against the insured—and reported to the insurer—during the policy period, or effective dates. Claims-made policies can also include [...]

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The Language of Insurance for Optometrists

Insurance comes with its own language and it can be confusing; making the process of buying insurance feel overly burdensome.  We want to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in purchasing insurance as a practicing optometrist, and have outlined the most common terms you may come across. The Language of Insurance for Optometrists Malpractice [...]

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Cyber Breaches Of Patient Records, HIPAA Regulations… And How To Protect Your Practice.

Cyber data breaches of information, a relatively new phenomenon, are in many ways uncharted territory, with healthcare providers a frequent target. Many optometrists feel they are “too small” for a cyber attack of any kind, falsely thinking because they are not a big box store or national brand that no one would bother with their [...]

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7 Things Every Optometrist Needs To Know About Insurance Coverage

Whether you’re a seasoned optometrist with 30 years of practice under your belt, or a newly minted professional just starting out, having the right liability insurance is essential. Every practice is different, with diverse coverage needs and circumstances. Here are just a few of the questions optometrists often ask Lockton Affinity, administrator of the AOA [...]

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Avoid 5 Common Malpractice Claims

Unfortunately, every practice is exposed to risk, and with risk comes the potential of a lawsuit. This article outlines the 5 most common malpractice claims and tips on how to avoid them. Inadequate Informed Consent – Having the proper informed consent documents for each patient is critical and one of the easiest areas of your [...]

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