Increasing Ransomware Attacks and Costs

Cyber extortion has become a serious problem for businesses in recent years. As a practice owner, it's no longer something you can afford to ignore. Like other health care providers, doctors of optometry have a responsibility to protect business records, including the personal information of patients. Ransomware attacks directly target these records, leading to all [...]

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The Practice Owner’s Guide to Insurance: Understanding Malpractice Insurance

The right insurance for your optometry practice is a must, but for something so important, it isn't always easy to understand. That's why we created this practice owner's guide to insurance. It has what you need to know about insurance to protect your career and livelihood. First up, a look at malpractice insurance, one of [...]

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Why Optometric Practices Like Yours Need Business Owner’s Insurance

The success of your optometric practice depends on your office and the people who staff it. Imagine the consequences for your practice if there were a serious accident, fire or theft at the office. These disasters can impact your ability to care for patients and run your business. Optometric practices like yours need business owner’s [...]

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Creating a Cyber Plan for Optometric Practices in 10 Attainable Steps

These days, creating a formal cybersecurity incident response plan (CSIRP) is a must for every doctor of optometry. The lack of a plan increases the risk to your data records and may worsen the outcome if you are hacked. Confusion over what to do and when can increase liability and leave you unprepared to address [...]

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Developing a Risk Management Plan at Your Practice

Understanding the risks you face as an optometrist can help you be more prepared when things go wrong. There will always be some risk associated with operating your practice, but with the right steps, you can minimize the likelihood of a serious accident or liability lawsuit and protect the safety of your employees and patients. [...]

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What Do You Know About Your Insurance Carrier?

Many optometrists shopping for insurance have a pretty clear idea of what they're looking for— good coverage, positive reviews and affordable premiums may be a few of the items at the top of your list. But beyond the basics, it's important to ask: What do you know about your insurance carrier itself? Optometrists facing a [...]

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Understanding Your Optometric Malpractice Policy: How to Read Your Policy Documents

Documents like your malpractice insurance policy are legal contracts and must be worded and formatted a certain way. It's one reason your malpractice policy can be difficult to follow. Still, it's important to know how to read your policy documents so you can ensure all your malpractice needs are covered and get answers if you [...]

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FAQs about Malpractice Insurance

It's crucial to have the right protection for your optometry practice. But with so many variables and choices, finding the right insurance coverage can be a challenge. Getting answers to your questions can help you ensure you and your business are covered. Here are answers to FAQs about malpractice insurance.   What Is Malpractice Insurance? [...]

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance for Optometrists

As an employer, your optometry practice faces the risk of one day being sued by a current or former employee. Your Professional Liability policy protects your practice from patient claims, but not from other claims made by employees. To fully protect your practice from this risk, consider adding Employment Practices Liability Insurance.   What Is [...]

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Malpractice Insurance for Optometrists

Malpractice insurance for optometrists is critical, and in some cases, legally required. For something so important, insurance can be very confusing. What insurance policies do I need professionally? For my business? What are limits of liability? The list can go on and on. At the AOA Insurance Alliance, a program designed for AOA members and [...]

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