FAQs About Malpractice and Business Owner’s Insurance

      ODs’ Most Common FAQs About Malpractice and Business Owner’s Insurance Finding the right malpractice insurance is essential for a doctor of optometry’s practice and career. Shopping for the appropriate coverage inevitably leads to many questions. Since factors and circumstances can vary, it’s essential to understand what options are available to make the [...]

5 Claims BOPs Can Help Protect Against

  5 Claims BOPs from the AOA Insurance Alliance Can Help Protect Against As a combination policy, business owner’s policies (BOPs) often include general liability insurance to protect against third-party claims and property insurance to protect against damage. Most optometric practice owners select a BOP to help combat these risks. BOPs from the AOA Insurance [...]

5 Common Claims Optometrists Face

    5 Common Claims Optometrists Face Some of the most common claims optometrists face are generally preventable. Learn how to protect your practice from these five common malpractice claims. Understanding Malpractice Claims Optometrists Face Most malpractice claims allege negligence on the part of an optometrist and a failure to adhere to the standard of [...]

How Do I Know I Am Covered for My Scope of Practice?

    How Do I Know I Am Covered for My Scope of Practice? As scope of practice continues to evolve, it's important to make sure your insurance keeps up with the latest developments in healthcare science, industry and regulation. There are different ways that insurers manage changes to scope of practice. To find out [...]

Common Cyber Attacks Threatening Optometric Practices

      Common cyber attacks threatening optometric practices Over the past year, cyber attacks against practices in healthcare-related fields increased by 55%, impacting more than 26 million Americans1. This increase paired with the average cost per breached record of $499 can be worrisome for doctors of optometry. Because your practice collects personally identifiable information [...]

Preventing Employment Practice Liability Claims

    Preventing Employment Practice Liability Claims The hiring and firing process is full of risk for employers, including optometrists. Every year, workers file thousands of employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) claims against their workplaces. EPLI claims can come from a current employee, former employee or even a prospective employee, making a range of allegations, [...]

The Optometry Student’s Guide to Insurance

The Optometry Student's Guide to Insurance As an optometrist about to enter the workforce, you're about to make a lot of big decisions for the first time. One of them will be choosing a malpractice insurance policy to protect yourself and your new career. Learning about insurance options for your career as an optometrist can [...]

Optometric Practice Protection 101

    Optometric Practice Protection 101 Managing the insurance policies that protect you and your practice can be confusing. When should you file a claim and how do you do it? Do you have the right protection for your practice? How do you make sense of your policy? To practice with confidence and peace of [...]

Increasing Ransomware Attacks and Costs

    Cyber extortion has become a serious problem for businesses in recent years. As a practice owner, it's no longer something you can afford to ignore. Like other health care providers, doctors of optometry have a responsibility to protect business records, including the personal information of patients. Ransomware attacks directly target these records, leading [...]

The Practice Owner’s Guide to Insurance: Understanding Professional Liability Insurance

    The right insurance for your optometry practice is a must, but for something so important, it isn't always easy to understand. That's why we created this practice owner's guide to insurance. It has what you need to know about insurance to protect your career and livelihood. First up, a look at professional liability [...]